Synopsis: The Action Movie "Fire Wolf, Battle of the Cage" is about an MMA fighting story. When the former MMA champion, Fang Yihuo, was framed and sent to prison by Boss Jin, his young brother Fang Yishui launched a revenge plan and joined the competition. Unfortunately, he was beaten to brain death by a King's player, Qian Kun. After Fang Yihuo was released from prison, he decided to participate in the competition with the name of his brother and continue his brother's revenge plan.

Studio: MYMT
Producer: Sun Dongdong
Director: Wu Tun, Wang Xingang
Writer: Fei Bo
Starring: Xie Mengwei, Gao Yiyi, Wang Yongqiang
Genres: #Action, #KungFu, #MartialArts MMA

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