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Movies are the most common pastime and form of entertainment. They take an incredible amount of time to make. From story developing, to casting talent and crew, to filming, and creating magic, and post production. It is all a work of art. But making audiences believe the world, especially the characters are real is a where the magic really happens. Especially with the actors. There have been some incredible performances throughout history. But what if we told you some of these performances were really being experienced and the actors weren’t acting? Today we will be discussing real moments where actors weren’t acting.
Such as Drew Barrymore in E.T. She was told that E.T. was actually real. The first time she sees E.T. and freaks out is a very real moment as she had never seen the puppet before. Also, when she cries when E.T. dies is a real moment as she thought the alien was real.
In Fight Club, Ed Norton’s character was told to hit Brad Pitt on the shoulder during their first fight. But was told last minute to hit him in the ear, unbeknownst to Brad. Which made his reaction very amusing and very real.
One of the funniest scenes that really happened was the waxing scene in the 40 Year Old virgin. Steve Carrel’s screams and phrases are all genuine reactions to being waxed in real life.

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