Synopsis: The Movie "clash girl Agent Girls" is about a story of a hot girl agents team. When Xiao Fei graduated from International Police School, she heard her father, Xiao Lishan was killed in home. It probably caused by a past event and a behind international criminal organization. Xiao Fei decides to investigate the truth and fight against the murders with her sisters.

Brief introduction: The movie "Amazing Girls" tells that Xiao Lishan was once a soldier, retired to work in scientific research, and succeeded After researching out a drug that can cure AIDS, he committed suicide bizarrely. Xiao Fei felt that her father's death was something strange, and decided to work with her sisters to find out the real cause of her father's bizarre death... The film is transliterated "Bao Ji Shao Nv".

Produced by Studio: Zhong Yun Bo Yi Media.
Director: Xiao Jushi.
Starring: Zhang Muqing, Bao Lingyu, Pang Chengyu, Medina Paruk, Yang Yihan Yang Yihan, 杨镇池Yang Zhenchi.
Genres: #动#Action.

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