Hey there, Kaboom Zoomers! Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be the most popular student at school? Or what it feels like to be the school nerd? We’ve prepared a bunch of funny situations to see the difference between popular girl vs nerd girl! Stay tuned for more fun school ideas, rich student vs poor student situations and more crazy challenges by Kaboom Zoom!
00:00 Popular Girl vs Nerd Girl Tattoos
01:26 Cut Hair Prank
02:18 Gym Class
03:34 Coin On A Tap Prank
04:11 Colorful Hair
05:43 Popular vs Nerd Student Lunch
07:15 Flower Delivery
08:10 Rich Girl vs Poor Girl Presents
09:07 Romantic Moment
09:42 Rich Student vs Poor Student Earbuds
10:50 Plump Lips
11:34 Surprise
12:37 Broke Student Smarthphone 14:11 Nerd Falling In Love
#Relatable #PopularVsNerd #RichVsPoor
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